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Archicad Makes Building Modeling Easy

When trying to design a building or other large property, you need a proper tool that can assist you every step of the way with preparing the best possible setup. The Archicad building information modeling program will help to give you an idea of what your property will look like as it is fully built and ready for use by anyone. It is simply the best Building Information Modeling (BIM) software available.

Designed by Graphisoft, Archicad is designed with architectural use in mind. This will offer more control over your planning stages for building a new entity. You can use this to plan every single aspect of a building. You can use this to see how it will work and if you can actually create it in a feasible manner. It is a unique option that makes creation easy to handle and simple for all to work with.

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What Does Archicad Offer?

Archicad offers a number of different solutions for your modeling requirements. There are many special tools that you can use right off of this program:

  • 2D and 3D software can help you create either technical drawings of planned properties or fully interactive organizational models of a property.
  • Architectural visualization is added to render images. This can create realistic images of what you can expect to find out of your computer.
  • Desktop publishing features can help you to create reports involving the properties that you are designing or planning.
  • Documentation features work with automatic drawing generation features to create new drawings based on any technical designs that you have uploaded. You can revise these documents to your liking as well.

The features used by the Archicad program will help you get the most out of your modeling demands. You can certainly get this program to help you generate new building designs that are easier to prepare and use.

Collaborative Support Is Available

Collaborative support can be used when getting the Archicad program to work to your benefit. This works in that you can get many people to work with you on the same project at a certain time.

The Teamwork system on Archicad allows you to get projects saved onto the Graphisoft BIM Server. This will allow you to quickly prepare data and get it saved as needed. When chosen properly, it should be very easy for you to get your designs managed right.

Clear Projections Can Be Made

By using the Archicad program, you can create general depictions of the various properties that you want to build. While using this, it should be rather easy for you to get the most out of the designs that you want to make. Best of all, you can get this to create realistic looks at whatever you want to design, thus improving how well you can get your program to run to your advantage.


There are many positive points about the Archicad program that you can use to your advantage:

  • It with a variety of different file formats including the IFC, DWG and DXF formats.
  • The Geometric Description Language standard is available to help you create new widgets or add-ons to your program. This should help you get more out of the controls you are trying to use.
  • Individual components on the program can help you determine the approximate amount of energy that might be used at a given time.
  • Collision detection is used to find impurities or errors within a design. This is to help you avoid potential construction headaches.
  • This can be localized and made with a variety of different designs in mind.


You should also look at a few points of concern with Archicad:

  • Individual files can be rather complicated and disorganized if not used properly.
  • OLE integration is not included.
  • While the software is easy to utilize, there are no single-key commands that can be used at a given time. This means that the program will require for most standard operations.


When working with a great program, you need to find something that is very easy to design and set up. The Archicad program is a great option to find as it will provide you with plenty of options for your control needs. Be sure to consider this option when finding something suitable and appealing for your use. You can certainly take advantage of this process to help you get the most out of any design plans that you have to work with.

You can choose to download Archicad in your preferred language here. Archicad add-ons are available on author’s site.

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